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Western Energy Production believes it has a responsibility to be a good steward of the environment and strives to operate in a safe and environmentally responsible manner throughout its leasehold areas. Our mission is consistent with our commitment to community citizenship, social responsibility and sustainability.

In the central valley of California, water is of special concern, as it is a valuable resource shared among many uses and needs. Western Energy takes care to assure that water is used wisely in its operations and follows with best industry practices regarding usage and disposal. In the completion of a well, steps are taken that keep reservoir fluids and groundwater from mixing.

Western Energy conducts operations in accordance with all Federal and State regulations that govern the development of oil and gas resources and, as such, we work in an environmentally sound manner while promoting environmental responsibility among our employees. Western Energy employees live and work in the areas where we have interests, and therefore care about the impact that our operations may have. Western Energy believes it is part of the community, and we take our responsibility to be good neighbors seriously.