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Land and Mineral Owners

Western Energy Production is sensitive to the needs and concerns of its land owners and strives to have a minimal impact on the surface area of the areas that we develop. Mitigation techniques include pad drilling with multiple wells from a single pad and horizontal long reach drilling. Care is always taken to not disrupt more surface area than is needed for production and servicing of wells.

Mineral rights can be described as the unseen value associated with a tract of land. Historically, land was transferred among owners with the mineral rights co-mingled with the surface rights. As oil and gas production began in the U.S., these rights started to be viewed independently. If mineral rights are severed, i.e. the process of separating mineral rights from the surface rights, a new and separate chain of title for the minerals begins. If production is established, a portion of the value is paid via a royalty fraction (i.e. percentage) to the mineral rights owner.

Western Energy prefers to be the operator of any wells that we drill, which gives us greater control and oversight. We strive to have a synergistic relationship with the land and mineral owners whom we work with, knowing that aligned goals and best practices will aid safety, can positively impact production volumes and will maximize the return for the mineral owner, the Company and its partners.

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